Sarah Davies Legal



Judges would much prefer you to work in a civil manner with your colleagues and to know that you can rely on the court as a shield to protect justice, rather than a sword to demand it.
— Paul M. Lisnek, The Art of Lawyering

The Firm

Sarah Davies Legal Pty Ltd is a boutique practice, established in July 2016, which assists corporate and business clients with risk management issues and the resolution of commercial disputes.

I was previously a litigation partner with a number of Brisbane-based law firms, including McMahon Clarke and more recently ClarkeKann Legal. In my new practice, I can provide specialised advice to clients on a one-to-one basis with reasonable and flexible fee arrangements.


Areas of Practice

  • Building and construction litigation

  • Property related litigation involving construction and development agreements, commercial leases and the purchase and sale of commercial and industrial properties

  • Land resumption cases

  • Intellectual property protection

  • Financial services disputes and compliance

  • Corporate disputes and shareholder actions

  • Directors' and trustees' duties

  • Conduct of contested meetings

  • Estate litigation

  • Advising trustee clients about trust governance issues, and applying to the courts for orders in relation to trusts and managed investment schemes

  • Acting for parties in partnership, shareholder and joint venture disputes

  • Franchising disputes

  • Trade practices disputes

  • Negligence actions, including negligence claims against directors, advisers and professionals

  • Representing clients in the Queensland state courts and in the Federal Court.